Monday, December 23, 2013

The Trough Of Disillusionment

After eleven days with Glass I've decided to return it. It is very useful for someone living in a major metropolitan area but that's just not me.

Better In The City

I live in the suburbs on a mostly wooded lot with nothing around me and work in another suburb. In the past eleven days I've been in the city, Providence, a few times.  While in the city I saw Field Trip pop up with some cool facts about surrounding buildings.  Glass also showed me a movie were playing in the theater next to where I was eating dinner, a concert at a music venue down the street, and restaurants in the area.  All very targeted, local stuff pulling from a variety of sources.

Concerns About Glass

Some of my activities that I might record/share, like hiking or working on the plow truck, I'm worried would damage Glass. While cooking with Glass I was worried about grease splatter and how to clean it up.  The one thing Glass doesn't do is display my calendar; not sure if a bug, feature or misconfiguration on my part.

What To Do With Glass

I created some IFTTT recipes to push data to Glass but mostly minor stuff, like weather alerts. The handsfree is really nice, especially for navigation, and that's the main feature of Glass. I took lots of photos and videos to share with family and friends, recorded a recipe, made phone calls, sent messages and did video Hangouts.  While I was cooking I found the camera's angle to be a bit awkward but having my hands free was great.

Throughout the day I had many, small interactions via email, SMS, twitter, all through Glass. It was convenient to reply quickly and not change my main focus.  Only important email came directly to Glass and wasn't distracting.

I've thought of ways to use Glass, let other people try Glass, bought contact lenses just to wear Glass and worn Glass every single day for eleven days, taking it off only to sleep and charge.

It Really Is All About Money

For me personally, $1,500 is nearly 1/3rd of a family summer vacation. I would gladly accept Glass if someone bought me one or if Google gave it away. Glass is awesome technology but for me personally it's not $1,500 awesome. Google will probably compensate Glass Explorers in some way for the $1,500 price tag.  There will probably be one or two more swap outs or some other perk.  Unfortunately Google guarantees nothing.

Bottom line: Get Glass if you have $1,500 of disposable income and want to treat yourself to some cool technology.

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